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Gone Fishing Fishing Report

Save this date!  The Father's Day fishing derby of 2019 will be June 15, 2019.  Procedes goes to the Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Department!


FishingWe have been asked how to find out what the current water level is for Lake Davis. Here is a link that should help.

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Date As Reported
Jun. 25, 2019 NewBased upon feeedback from fellow fishermen. We have decided to create an email update.  If you would like to receive this email update, just email us with your request.  Thanks!  Email us for fishing report
Jan. 05, 2019 We have decided to only update Facebook with regular fishing reports.Follow us on FaceBook
Aug. 08, 2018
Another 2200 pounds of Catchable Trout was planted.
Here are links to the videos:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

Thank you Department of Fish and Wildlife!
Aug. 02, 2018 12,000 Pounds of Catchable Trout was Planted!

Thank you Department of Fish and Wildlife!
Jun. 14, 2018 Fishing is IMPROVING!  Trollers are using wee Dick Nite Copper Red head, Red Dot Frog, Firetiger, and all of the bright Rooster Tails.  They are trolling 15 to 20 feet deep between the two islands and having great luck limiting out.  Bank Fishermen are using worms and Rainbow-Garlic Power Bait from Mallard, Coot's Bay, Eagle Point and Lighting Tree.  The bugs are finally starting to hatch; so fly fishing is also improving.

Reminder the Spring Fishing Derby is this wekend!  Come and support our local volunteer fire department!
May 29, 2018 The spring fishing derby is june 16th this benefits our volunteer fire department. The firefighters will be bar-b-queing burgers and dogs, there will be raffles and fun.
Lake level is 98% full. Trolling in the channel and around the big island 10 to 20 feet deep, 150 feet behind the boat, using dick night copper red head, needlefish red dot frog or needlefish frog.
Bank fishing at seems to be doing the best at mallard cove, worms or garlic rainbow power bait.
Have reports of a lot of fish in big grizzly creek this weekend.
May 14, 2018 One of our fishing guides on the lake, Ed Dillard provided this update: "Fished Lake Davis 5/14/18 We caught 8 fish including a 5.8 pounder." Pictures are on our FaceBook page!
May 09, 2018 One of our fishing guides on the lake, Ed Dillard provided this update: "I fished Lake Davis yesterday and caught 8 fish. They were 14 to 17 inches. I was using copper red hed and needle fish red dot frog. I caught fish from The island to lightning tree area. Water temp was 58 to 60."
Apr. 30, 2018 From one of the Lake Davis fishermen: The lake is looking good...I was out this past Thursday. Camp Five is open but no pier in the water...they are going to replace the terrible wood pier which is over due! An estimated 2 weeks on the replacement.
Honker pier was supposed to be going in this day.
Lighting Tree pier is in and looking very good.
Lake levels are up...looking forward to a great year on the lake
Apr. 28, 2018 Greg Maples and friends had a great time fishing and camping the last several days. Those are some very nice and big fish.  Pictures are posted on our FaceBook page.
Apr. 23, 2018 To answer numerous questions that we have had with regards to if Lake Davis has Bass or not. We saw a 2 lb. Bass over the weekend. Last year we started seeing alot in the 2 to 4 lb range with a couple of 6 pounders.
Apr. 22, 2018 Trout are being caught at Mallard and Old Camp 5, using worms, marshmallow, powerbait. Bass at Old Camp 5 using Rooster tail.

Boat ramps are open, no docks in the water yet.

A reminder, Honker Cove and by the dam are no fishing areas. Also, all streams coming into the lake are closed until the Saturday of Memorial Weekend.
Apr. 22, 2018 I attended a CA Fish and Wildlife meeting on Trout Management last week.
They are looking for stakeholder (those who fish) input as they work on the Strategic Plan for Trout Management.
Please take a minute to follow
this link and give them input. This first round is for statewide scope, next they will be looking at specific waters.
If we do not give input we have no voice.
Thank you for your help.
Apr. 22, 2018 Trout are being caught at Mallard and Old Camp 5, using worms, marshmallow, powerbait. Bass at Old Camp 5 using Rooster tail.

Boat ramps are open, no docks in the water yet.

A reminder, Honker Cove and by the dam are no fishing areas. Also, all streams coming into the lake are closed until the Saturday of Memorial Weekend.
Apr. 16, 2018 This mornng, we woke up to about 4 new inches of snow.  Come on SPRING!
Apr. 14, 2018 From Megan Boberg sent us pictures of two nice looking fish! They were using a Broke back firetiger rapala trolling 4-14-18. They also said, all the fish were clean of parasites. The smallest 1 had some bruised flesh, probably from surviving an attack from a osprey, or Bald Eagle a long time ago. We have posted the pictures on our FaceBook page!
From the bank Mallard seems to be the hot spot. Fish upto 4 pounds being caught with worms.
Apr. 12, 2018  We received about 5 new inches of new snow @ Lake Davis
Apr. 10, 2018 Posted the Father's Day Fishing Derby Poster.
Apr. 09, 2018 Peter Niebauer shared a great drone clip on our FaceBook page. It was taken yesterday at the north end of the lake...she's looking good.

We are currently at 97% full! Just a few more percentage before it starts going over the spillway.

By the weather forecat, it looks like we might get some more snow later this week. Hopefully that will be the last of it.
Feb. 26, 2018

13 degrees when I opened this morning. Ice is reforming on the lake. No reports on how thick it is. As of yesterday Mallard was still open water and several fish were caught over 4 pounds in the last few days. If you decide to go out on the ice remember it is not offically monitored and it is up to you to decide if it is safe or not.

Feb. 19, 2018 We received about 3.5 inches of new snow yesterday!  Talked with several fishermen and they reported that they did quite well @ Eagle Point, Camp Five and Honker using worms and Power Bait!
Feb. 04, 2018 What a great day for John and Kelly Pato’s fishing derby. Congratulations to
1st Place Jimmy Reynolds from Portola whose fish was 24.5 inches and 4.11 pounds
2nd Place Jessica Estes from Reno whose fish was 24 inches and 4.35 pounds
3rd Place James Alliston from Reno whose fish was 23.5 inches and 4.18 pounds
Several fish over 20 inches and over 2 pounds were weighed in.
As usually John and Kelly had awesome support with donated raffle prizes.
The lake is 95% ice free, able to launch at Lightening Tree and Old Camp 5.
Jan. 31, 2018 The air temp 52 degrees
There is no boat launching at any of the ramps.
The lake has a thin coat of ice, but it is not safe. Up at Lightening Tree I watched a goose fall through the ice.
Lightening Tree mostly ice.
Mallard Cove has open water.
Coot Bay, no open water.
Honker Cove at the points and in front of Grasshopper there is open water.
Old Camp 5 lots of open water.
I drove into the fishing access points in 2wd. Honker Cove would be better in 4wd. If you get off of the main road you will be in deep mud. Snow and ice up the west road (24N10) to Old Camp 5, is passable in 2wd.
Lots of mud.
With our predicted warm days the lake conditions could change rapidly.
Jan. 29, 2018 We have talked to John and Kelly.  The Winter Fishing Derby is still ON....Ice or no ice!  Come and join them for a great fishing day!
Jan. 26, 2018 From the evening of the 24th until this morning we received just over 12 inches of snow. Light powder.  We have posted pictures on our Facebook page.
Feb. 03, 2018 The first fishing derby of 2018 will be held at Lake Davis.  For a registration form; follow this link.
Jan. 23, 2018 Drove the East side of the lake today. All fishing access Points upto Lightening Tree are accessible. Lightening Tree boat ramp has a few small thin ice areas, but you can still launch. Mallard and Coot are both easily accessible by 2wd; there is some snow (melting rapidly) as you go down the access roads. Honker Cove boat ramp has snow and ice on it, but the cove has thawed as is ice free. There is some Unsafe, very Think ice in the dam area with several open water areas.  We have posted pictures on our Facebook page.  Follow us on FaceBook
Jan. 10, 2018 Lake conditions as of 2:30 today; the air temperature was 48; we are not expecting to get below freezing tonight.

Lots of open water for bank fishing, trolling and float tubes.

Old Camp 5 and Lightening Tree boats ramps have open water and are usable for launching. Honker cove is iced.

Only ice that I saw was in a few coves and shady areas along the edge. The ice at the dam is melting on the edges, with a lot of water on the ice that is there.

I did not drive the top end of the lake, but with all of the rain I would expect a lot of mud.

Access at Mallard Cove and Coot Bay is good for non 4wd, as long has you stay on the hard pack. I pulled over to let another vehicle go around and had to use 4wd, because of the thick mud.
Are you looking for some of the "older" historical fishing reports?  Follow this link!